Kathryn Williams  Feb 2015   shot for OLI

Kathryn Williams


Kathryn Williams is an English singer-songwriter who to date has released 14 studio albums, written and arranged for a multitude of artists, and was nominated for the 2000 Mercury Music Prize for her second album Little Black Numbers.

Williams released her first album, Dog Leap Stairs on her own Caw Records label in 1999 with a budget of £80. Williams has collaborated and recorded with artists including Chris Difford, Ted Barnes, Thea Gilmore, John Martyn, Joel Salakula, Tobias Froberg, Ed Harcourt, James Yorkston, Marry Waterson, Boo Hewerdine and Paul Smith.

Her influences include Nina Simone, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Simon and Garfunkel and Velvet Underground.

More recently, Kathryn teamed up with Novelist, Laura Barnett to bring her book, Greatest Hits to life by providing a soundtrack to what was once, just a fictional story. Songs from the Novel Greatest Hits was released in June 2017 alongside the book.

This year Kathryn will be performing her award winning album, Little Black Numbers so be sure to get tickets!

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Kathryn Williams  Feb 2015   shot for OLI